A lesson for those in government office. If you ever find yourself being accused of being a drug addict (Particularly when your intervener is on LSD at the time), whether you're innocent or guilty does not matter. If you deny the accusations, even if innocent, you will make it worse for you. I am reminded of a news article I read in Ireland in 2010. An MP was accused of being drunk during a radio interview. He denied it. Backlash ensued. I asked the bartender who had handed me that newspaper "What would have happened if he had simply said "Yes, I had a few." The verdict was unanymous all over that nation: "The people would applaud him." The fact is, when being accused of such things, buy someone who is listening to lies told via a crystal slut(The same rancid twat who went into my sisters bar and told her I robbed her purse). The listeners of Potent Brew are poorer for what went down the other night, and I hope none of you plan on visiting any national parks this summer, as you've been denied important warnings based on fact. Why were you denied? Because the host of Potent Brew was victimized by a gossiping liar. I played along with this mock-intervention at the hands of people who believe they can gain enlightenment via purchacing psychedelic drugs on the streets. In closing, Potent Brew, if anyone in PA goes missing in a rural area this summer, you are responsible for their fate. Politicians: If you are ever accused of being drunk or high, do not deny it, even if you are innocent of the accusations, and clean of any chemicals. The backlash of denial, whether you are innocent or guilty is irrelevant. Playing along is the best way. It's sad that Potent Brew became a volatile cocktail, leaving it's listeners bereft of important information, because the "enlightened" LSD and DMT users felt it would be a better show to call "Drug addict" upon someone who overworks themselves researching numerous important points, and burns his candle at both ends illustrating to the point of sleep deprevation. Tis a great shame, I could have given Philadelphia a great bit of information that could save the lives of you and your loved ones. Here it is for your listening pleasure. Player.Green.Podbean PODBEAN.COM